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Dog Walking

There are lots of good reasons to walk your pooch. Regular exercise promotes mental health, heart health, balance, coordination, muscle tone, discipline and agility in dogs. And don’t forget fun! A walk is a time of companionship and socialization. When you don’t have time or cannot be available to take your dog(s) out walking or even jogging, we will do it for you.


Dogs need their daily walks. They use the time to stretch their legs, explore their environment, and sniff out anything odd or unusual in their domain.  Whether they are on a leisurely stroll, a brisk trot or galloping down the street, dogs still utilize all of their senses to investigate their territory. Treadmills may offer enough exercise to expel large amounts of energy, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as getting a dog outside. A journey outdoors uses all of a dogs senses, it isn’t merely physical exertion.

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Sussex County dog walking
Golden Retriever dog walking
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