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Dog Running Service

While walking is good exercise, most dogs need an opportunity to run in order to burn off their energy. Running uses different muscles than walking, and will increase your dog’s heart rate more than walking.  This is known as cardiovascular exercise, which will help increase the strength of your dog’s heart and can extend his lifetime. Many owners also note that their dogs are less likely to be destructive when they are allowed to run regularly. 

A Good Dog is a Tired Dog!
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A good dog is a tired dog!

When U R Not There Pet Care provides cross-country style long-distance running that will help your dog become a fitter, more enjoyable member of your household. Exercise serves a variety of purposes for our four legged friends, and allows our clients to be calm, happy member of their households.

Each of our sessions is tailored to the individual needs and location of the dog. This includes customizing:

  • Pace

  • Distance

  • Location


Click here for Dog Running Prices.

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